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Graham Flory ()

We grew up together in Edmonton and he was my best man 1n 1967. He used to do stock car and kart racing I was his mechanic. We lost touch when he was going out with a girl named Sue, im not sure if he married her. Would love to get back in touch. He lived at 21 St. Malo Avenue Edmonton with his mum - sister named Linder and brother who I can`t remember his name.

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Danny Flanagan ()

I am trying to contact LILLIAN CURRY DOB 25.3.54 last heard of in Sandy Row area of Belfast about 1974 her Aunt May and her Family would love to hear from her and to let us know that she is alive . No one in her family have heard from her in all that time. we would like to contact her , any help that you can give would be very welcome. Thank you.

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Edward Francis ()

Edward, we used to be neighbours in Linslade. What news?

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Jane Bagnall ()

You originally lived in Locksbottom, Kent, but where are you now? Would love to hear from you

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alan bryant ()

alan served on hams hartland point last seen in plains year 1954 can sumeone help me find he

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Maria Small ()

Hi im trying to trace Maria Small who I was great fiends with, she had a sister called Juliette. She was living in Bromley.

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